The New Minitas Beach Club Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo Resort & Villas finally made their dream come true. The Minitas Beach Club is luxury at its best.

Its modern restaurant with breathtaking views, bar and lounge pool deck, will make your vacations a memorable one, and did we mention Beach?

Located in Minitas Beach, the Beach Club & Restaurant mixes Latin American and Mediterranean culinary traditions, creating an explosion of flavors in every bite of your dishes. 

The Living Room – Good Vibe

The Living Room is the perfect destination to spend a special time with good drinks, good music, amazing finger food and most importantly, good vibes! The home-like ambiance for people of all ages will make you feel relaxed with your friends.

The Living Room offers everything, from locally brewed Dominican beer, to deliciously prepared classic cocktails, play table games, listen to an awesome selection of 80’s, 90’s or rock music played by our local Vinyl Dj while enjoying the breath taking view of the Chavón River and the mountains in the distance.

Playa Minitas in the heart of Casa de Campo

Caribbean Vacations are about one thing: plenty of sun and beach. Casa de Campo’s Playa Minitas offers both and much more. Located in the heart of the resort, you don’t have to go far to enjoy this little heaven of white sand and crystal clear Caribbean water. Playa Minitas is just ten minutes from most resort areas, and beacuse it is private, you get an unspoiled relaxing beach to kick back in from the comfort of your lounge chair. Relax while sipping on the best piña colada around, made fresh while you wait and served in a scooped pineapple.

Magestic King Bird in Casa de Campo

The lush tropical gardens created to surround the luxury homes, parks, golf courses and resort, as well as the small lakes and retention ponds added to the area, have literally created a micro-climate adding a diverse vegetation and fauna to an area that used to be semi-arid. There are more birds, more lizards, more seed, and more nectar. And in the case of the voltures that came to winter and never left, more food. All this is very attractive to the different birds that now call Casa de Campo their home. Some birds, like the Hispaniola parakeet were endangered and now are thriving in this area. On any given day you can see large flocks of them flying by making their usual ruckus.

Casa de Campo Cats

Casa de Campo loves cats. No, not cool cats, but the feline variety. They are everywhere. Being in a tropical paradise and with so many woods around, the mice population was having a real field day. So, people started bringing cats to the houses to keep the mice out. It worked. The cats are everywhere and the mice are under control.

There isn't any better place to observe these feline guests than Altos de Chavon. They are everywhere. Black one, white ones, black and white ones. All kinds and sizes. If you are allergic to cats, you better sit inside the restaurants. If you sit outside, you will have cats as part of the environment.

Main Entrance to the Altos de Chavon Amphitheater

The Altos de Chavón amphitheater is one of the wonders of Casa de Campo. Built in the 1980s it has been host to many events, concerts and stage productions since it’s 1983 inaugural extravaganza featuring Frank Sinatra with Buddy Rich and Santana and Heart. The theater has boasted greats like Sting, Celia Cruz, Luis Miguel, Julio and Enrique Iglesias, Sir Elton John, Juanes, and many more. They come because of the intimate feel of a smaller venue and the perfect acoustics that amphitheaters are known for.

Casa de Campo Gardens

Casa de Campo is known for its famous golf courses – Teeth of the Dog, Links and Dye Fore – plus all the amenities that a resort of this magnitude could offer – Spa, tennis, polo, skeet shooting, diving, fishing, beaches, restaurants, boutiques, entertainment and a world class marina. It is also known for the luxury homes that surround the resort. However, the essence of Casa de Campo is not defined in the amenities it offers, or the luxury homes, but by the luxurious tropical gardens that set the mood for all else.

Casa de Campo Map

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